Task: Make Lays Relevant and Iconic

 In honor of the Friends reboot, let's remind people of their love for the classics: Lays potato chips and Friends. Enjoy the good ol’ days with Lays-- spend time with the people you love most, eating the chips you love most. 

Campaign: The Good Ol' Days with Lays


The best cheesecake you never stole. Featuring raspberry cheesecake flavored Lays.


Inspired by

Season 7 Episode 11 

The One With All The Cheesecakes 

Phoebe's broken her vegetarian diet several times,

and I'm sure if you're vegetarian, you have too

(or are thinking about it). Eat these chips in front of your friends, and they won't suspect a thing.

Inspired by

Season 8 Episode 8

The One With the Stripper

Is it soup? Is it noodle soup? Joey might not know, but you will once you have a bite. Maybe if he had these chips, he'd remember his lines.


Inspired by

Season 5 Episode 18

The One Where Rachel Smokes

 A lobster is someone you’re meant to be with forever. Ross is Rachel’s lobster, and maybe yours is this bag of chips? 


Inspired by

Season 2 Episode 14 

The One With the Prom Video

Monica's chef-worthy mac & cheese impressed Chandler so much she became a chef. Yes, it was that good; so have a taste of what Chandler thought was so "righteous."


Inspired by 

Season 5 Episode 8 

The One with All The Thanksgivings

Rachel's 7 layer trifle is notorious. But her Lays trifle? Victorious. Each bag has a random assortment of Friends flavors. But don't worry it'll taste much better than her original.


Inspired by

Season 6 Episode 9

 The One Where Ross Got High



Exclusively Lays Vending Machines will be placed around the US for a limited time only, each machine with an assortment of the Friends flavors. You won't know what chip flavor you'll receive until you take a quiz to find out what character you are. And their chip of choice will becomes yours.


Rachel's trifle was a flop. But a lays-y trifle will never be.


Copy & Art Direction: Danielle Glassman

Concept: Danielle Glassman,

Ania Ermarkaryan & Lauren Gimpel