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10 Countries, 16 Cities & 1 Amazing Semester

Abroad was the best and most eye-opening experience of my life. You learn a lot about yourself, but most importantly, about the world in general. I definitely left the semester with a different view on life experiences, and I have for sure caught the travel bug! Here's a guide I compiled of all my favorite places and tips from some of the cities I visited.

1. Rome, Italy


  • Sushi Ristorante KOI: perfect for sushi lovers: all you can eat sushi

  • Chopsticks, Trastevere: another sushi restaurant: all you can eat

  • Coffee Pot, Trastevere: more pricey, but delicious sushi and tapas

  • Maybu Margaritas y Burritos: THE Italian version of Chipotle: incredible

  • Donkey Punch: One of the best sandwich shops in the city

  • Home Baked: A cute family-run brunch place located in Trastevere near AUR

  • Ginger: Nice place for brunch, but go before 12 for the brunch menu; they also have acai bowls

  • Mr. 100 Tiramisu: Serves 100 flavors of Tiramisu!

  • Poke Shop- Bowls & Healthy Food: Delicious poke bowls

  • Two Sizes: The best Tiramisu in the city

  • Mercato Testaccio: Delicious fresh fruit, cheese, meat, you name it! Super super cheap ingredients that are fresh and delicious

  • Osteria Trattoria da Fortunata: delicious hand-rolled pasta

  • That's Amore: Heart-shaped pizza!

  • Baylon Cafe: Loved it because they actually serve brunch (great Eggs Benedict!!)

  • Frigadarium: Delicious gelato covered in a chocolate shell

  • Dar Poeta: The best pizza in the city

My tips

  • Public transportation is basically free, but the police creep on the trams looking for tickets usually between the hours of 9 and 1 pm. So if you don't want to get fined, make sure if you're riding the tram between the hours of 9 and 1 pm, buy a tram ticket at a tabbachi- you won't regret it.

  • Check the hours of restaurants, because a lot of the time places are closed in the middle of the day and reopen later

  • Favorite bars/clubs: GBar, On The Rox, The Drunken Ship, Scholars Irish Pub, Shari Vari

  • Try a suppli- they are absolutely delicious

  • Make sure you get one pasta dish with truffle because you won't regret it

  • Don't buy wine or alcohol at small shops- go to the grocery store where bottles are much cheaper

2. Paris, France


  • Le Chat Noir was sooo delicious and had a great atmosphere: I highly recommend getting a drink because the drinks are decorated with candies- it's very fun

  • Eggs & Co: Perfect for Americans in search of the ultimate brunch

  • Pierre Herme- Macarons&chocolats: The best macarons I've ever had! This place is famous but for good reason

  • Try escargo and duck- they were surprisingly both delicious dishes

My tips

  • Go to Cafe Oz! It was the coolest bar/club I've been to. The top floor is chill but the bottom floor has a giant dance floor with great American hip-hop popular music- 15 euro cover fee with free drink included

  • Wait in line to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but don't go when it's crazy busy

  • Have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower (I didn't get a chance but it seems like a brilliant idea)

  • Go to Disneyland Paris if you like Disney!

3. Barcelona, Spain

I was only in Barcelona for a short time but here are some tips:

  • Go to Brunch & Cake for brunch- it was absolutely delicious

  • Buy tickets for Park Guell and the Gaudi House in advance or you won't be able to go

  • Go to Opium if you want the full Barcelona clubbing experience

  • Don't eat dinner too early or go out too early, because Spaniards like to start their nights late and you don't want to be the only one in the bar

  • Try paella and patatas bravas: they are famous Spanish dishes that are absolutely delicious

4. Budapest, Hungary

My tips

  • Go to Cat Cafe Budapest: if you're a cat lover you will love this place! It's so cute and you can pet cats while you sip on you "cat"ppucino (seriously, it was actually a menu item!)

  • Mazel Tov was a delicious Mediterranean brunch restaurant: I recommend the Eggs Benedict

  • Go to a thermal bath! Best experience of my life

  • Places to go out: Red Bar, Szimplakert, Peaches & Cream

  • Go to Street Cakes: Hungarian chimney cake is so delicious here!

5. London, England

My tips

  • Go to Camden Market for cheap finds and great food: try the halloumi fries!

  • Nandos: this is a must

  • Notting Hill has cute colorful houses and is right near the Portobello Market

  • Go on a museum tour (all museums are free!) My favorite was the Tate Modern Art Museum

  • Don't uber! Public transportation in London is great, so use the Underground and buses

  • Doing the London Eye Experience is quite expensive, but you get an amazing view- buy your tickets online for a specific time

  • Don't exchange your money if you're there for a short time- it's not worth the exchange rate free

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

My tips

  • Go to the Anne Frank house- it was so interesting to see: get your tickets in advance

  • Go to the Moco Museum- very interesting modern art museum featuring Banksy among other artists

  • Happyhappyjoyjoy was an incredible asian fusion restaurant! It was so good and a great place for shareable plates

  • Go to Van Wonderen Stroopwafels- stroopwafels are a must to try

  • See the Red Light District at night

  • Go to a coffee shop (The Bulldog is the oldest and most famous) during the day because they close at night

  • Pancakes Amsterdam is a great restaurant that serves dutch style pancakes- it was so good

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

My tips

  • Get the Copenhagen card for access to every museum, monument, boat tour, and public transportation

  • Go to Mikkeller Baghaven: it's a cute food market on the water with delicious finds

  • Go to Tivoli: It's an amusement park with huge rollercoasters and fun little rides as well

  • Go to Stroget to go shopping

  • Christiania is a unique area that's famous for its drugs and its alternative scene

  • Try a danish cinnamon roll- they are so so delicious

  • Don't get Starbucks, it's so overpriced here

8. Stockholm, Sweden

My tips

  • If you love Mamma Mia, check out the Abba Museum!

  • Go to Gronalund- it's a lot like Tivoli and has crazy rides

  • Check out Meatballs for the People: the best meatballs I've ever had

  • Go to The Greasy Spoon for some delicious brunch

  • Chokladkoppen has such good hot drinks and pastries

  • Go to The Royal Palace

  • Use the metro- it's very easy, and be prepared to walk a lot