• daniellesroaring20s

My Comfy Start to the New Year

Updated: Jan 31

New Year's Eve has always been a holiday that I was never really excited about- because there's always so much pressure to have the best, most exciting plans. Every year I'm constantly wondering who I will be with, where I will be, what I will be doing, and what I will be wearing (the list goes on).

The perfect New Years for some probably involves one too many champagne bottles popping in a dimly lit room with shining twinkly lights, some nice music, and good company. Or some might see the perfect New Years as an excuse to party with tons of people they don't know or tons of people they do. Perhaps others always throw or attend a family gathering. But I doubt anyone ever wishes they were alone on New Years, sitting in their sweats, eating takeout on a couch, watching the ball drop with a glass of champagne and a dog to cuddle with.

Frankly, this sounds like a nice chill night to me, but society made me believe all my life that this potential plan could never happen, that it should never happen. That if I'm in sweats on a couch on New Year's Eve I'm doing something wrong.

New Year's Eve is one of those holidays, just like most, that remind you who your friends and family are. And if you're not with anyone, you feel especially lonely, because you know most people all around the world are probably celebrating with others. And that this is the holiday where people normally aren't alone on a couch in sweats.

I've always been afraid to be that girl, alone on New Years, drowning in my own self-pity. One year when I was younger, I fell asleep at 11 pm because I had no plans. And another, I laid in bed watching Disney Channel with my sister while the rest of our family was out. I remembered in those moments I felt so sad, so lonely, just wishing I had enough friends and more than just one person to sit next to me and blow too many deafening party poppers in my ears.

Nowadays, people use New Year's Eve as an excuse to post on social media about their plans. But this year I realized just how ridiculous the pressures of having the best New Year's Eve are. When my friends and I were not invited to any parties, we looked at social media, pitying ourselves that we weren't out.

But this didn't last long until I realized that my high expectations would never be met this year and that dwelling on that fact was a waste of my energy.

So we had fun on our own: we played drinking games, ate snacks, chilled on the couch, and watched a movie. Yet, I still scrolled through all of the Instagram and Snapchat stories, seeing everyone in sparkly dresses posed in front of walls draped with twinkly lights, toasting with champagne glasses, partying with loads of friends and family. But I didn't care, because I was content with a few friends, some champagne, delicious potato chips and my dog next to me as I sat on the comfy couch in my sweats.

I entered 2019 as comfortable as I left 2018 and I was happy with my not-so-monumental plans.

So why do we need to put so much pressure on New Year's Eve? It happens every year, and to think every year will be just as monumental as the last is simply ridiculous. Yeah you might not get that crazy New Year's Eve where you stay up into the early morning and sleep the whole first day of January. But who cares anyway? You'll probably experience another crazy night very soon in the following few months, weeks, or even days. It shouldn't matter, because New Year's Eve is just another night, and there is really no difference between December 31st and January 1st.

So one New Years resolution, or shall I say life goal I have is to not put so much pressure on myself to achieve perfection.

In this case, I shouldn't stress about finding the perfect New Year's Eve plans, so I can be just like everyone else and post it all over my social media.

And seeing all the posts this past night made me wonder: Why do we constantly find the need to post every single thing we do?

The simple answer is that we all want others to envy us a little bit. So yeah if we have cool New Year's Eve plans, we're probably going to post about it. And yeah if we are only sitting on the couch, we probably won't post about it (i.e., the majority of my New Year's Eve).

I'm sure people probably assume the ones with the lack of social media posts on New Year's probably didn't have anything cool to post about. But I had a great time, and I didn't need to validate it by posting about it. Because no one thinks people will be jealous of you if you're chilling on the couch on New Year's Eve (but I would've been jealous of me because I was very comfortable).

So this New Year's Eve led me to another resolution, that the people behind those way-too-active Instagram accounts probably aren't worth being jealous of. And that I really shouldn't do anything with the intention of posting about it. I should do it for the purpose of my happiness, not someone else's jealousy.

New Year's is a time for fresh beginnings, resolutions, reflection and growth. But so is every day, and just because it's the new year, doesn't mean we should wait for the ball to drop, for the clock to strike 12 to start over. It is just another night and to have such high expectations about it is incredibly overrated. We have so many nights to celebrate like it's the end of the year. So we shouldn't treat New Year's as such a monumental night compared to any other.