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The podcasts getting me through quarantine

It's easy now to feel like there’s nothing to do. And for everyone who’s graduated (woohoo!) or are out of classes for the semester and not working, it's also easy to feel like you aren’t learning anything new. But just because you’re out of class, out of work or unmotivated to pick up a book, doesn’t mean you can’t learn about interesting stories, or receive valuable advice on just about every topic.

Listening to podcasts has become the newest trend because it's a quick and easy way to learn just about anything. Name any topic and I guarantee there's a podcast about it. So in case you’re feeling extra bored lately (which, let’s be honest, you probably are), here are some of my favorite podcasts that ease my boredom and brighten my quarantine days a bit more.

1. Girls Gotta Eat

Category: Relationships, Comedy, Sex

Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine are the wise older sisters you wish you had. Some of the best advice I’ve learned about dating, relationships, sex, love, mental health, and more have come from this podcast. Not only are Rayna and Ashley uncensored and hilarious, but they’re also very experienced in many important topics, offering advice you never thought you needed. Each episode covers a general topic as they weave in funny anecdotes and commentary. Some even feature guests such as comedians, writers, and psychologists to share unique, expert perspectives. And in case you’re dying to see a comedy show when this quarantine is all over, I might add that Rayna and Ashley are so hilarious, when I saw them live in NYC I laughed for a good 2 hours straight, and no that’s not an hyperbole.

Some of my favorite episodes

1. Is He Just Not That Into Me?

Rayna and Ashley are joined by Greg Behrendt – comedian, author of He’s Just Not That Into You, and former writer on Sex and the City. In this episode, Ashley rants about the message of the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, and shares the uncensored truth that girls will know and should know when a guy is into them. Greg’s commentary is unmatched as the author of the book that turned into the hit movie.

2. You’re Speaking My (Love) Language

This episode discusses the meaning of the five love languages – words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, receiving gifts, and acts of service. Up until listening to this podcast I hardly even knew what a love language was. But now I know how important it is to know your love language and how that knowledge can contribute to healthy, communicative relationships.

3. Is Love F*cked? Feat. Author Mark Manson

Mark Manson, the bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, joins Ashley and Rayna in answering the question: “is love f*cked?” In this episode, they discuss how to navigate dating in the modern world from expressing your feelings to someone to whether or not love is enough to sustain a relationship. Mark Manson also “mansplains” hot topics like why guys ghost. This episode offers many harsh truths on age-old dating dilemmas, from a fresh, male perspective.

4. F**K YOU Carrie Bradshaw!

The name of this episode speaks for itself, as Rayna and Ashley discuss the controversial dating life of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. For all you Sex and the City lovers like myself, you know what I mean by “controversial.” Rayna and Ashley share their uncensored opinions of Carrie and Big’s messy relationship throughout the show and the negative effects this famous character couple has on women’s dating expectations.

2. Crime Junkie

Category: True Crime

For all you true crime-lovers curious about the craziest missing person, serial killer, murder, capture, and conspiracy stories, this podcast is for you. Each episode is either one of the categories I just mentioned, and each story is just as shocking as the next. So if you’re looking to learn about some of the most infamous, crazy crime stories, I highly recommend this podcast.

Some of my favorite episodes:

1. INFAMOUS: The Dexter Killer

“In October 2008, Johnny Altinger headed out to meet up for the first time with Jen, a woman he’d met on a popular online dating site. They had plans to meet at her place for a casual hook-up, and Johnny diligently followed the driving directions she’d emailed him earlier that day. But when he walked through the door of her detached garage in Edmonton, Alberta, it wasn’t love he found but something much more sinister.”

2. MISSING: The Beaumont Children

“Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont left their home in Adelaide to go swimming at the beach on Australia Day 1966 and were never seen again. Their disappearance changed Australian life forever.”

3. MISSING: Lauren Spierer

"In the early morning hours of June 3, 2011, Lauren Spierer went out and celebrated the end of a semester by partying with friends. It should have been like so many weekends before. But on this morning Lauren would leave the company of her friends and walk off alone in the direction of her apartment, never to be seen again.”

3. How I Built This with Guy Raz

Category: Stories, Business, Careers

All entrepreneurs had to start from somewhere right? This NPR podcast, hosted by Guy Raz, shares the unique stories of entrepreneurs- where they started and how they reached success.

Some of my favorite episodes:

Ben & Jerry’s: Ben Cohen And Jerry Greenfield (2017)

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield share their stories before, during, and after Ben & Jerry’s became world-renowned. They share their business roadblocks, challenges, strategies, and successes opening their first ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont, how they got to where they are now, and the core of their brand values. For all you Ben & Jerry’s lovers, get excited to learn something new about the two faces behind such a well-known, genuine brand.

Live Episode! Glossier: Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss shares the story behind her famous beauty brand, Glossier. From working as a fashion assistant at Vogue in 2010 to starting her beauty blog called Into The Gloss, Emily Weiss discusses her journey to entrepreneurship. In this episode, you’ll learn the drive and ambition required to become a successful entrepreneur as well as Emily’s reasons for starting her renowned beauty brand. As a lover of makeup and the Glossier brand, this episode was inspirational and entertaining, as Weiss recounts her detailed journey to success.

4. Thick & Thin

Category: Health

Katy Bellotte, a freelance graphic designer living in New York City, shares her life advice through funny and serious personal anecdotes as well as stories from history. From sharing the harsh truths of dating in NYC to the fear of missing out to post-grad and more, Thick & Thin is filled with inspiring advice and Katy’s major life epiphanies that I can’t seem to live without.

Some of my favorite episodes:

Self-doubt is killing your dreams

Everyone you know has experienced self-doubt, whether they’ll admit to it or not. And in this episode, Katy discusses her experiences with self-doubt, analysis paralysis & imposter syndrome, offering advice on how to deal with it all. She even ties in stories of Madonna and Oprah and how they’ve overcome feelings of self-doubt.

The loneliness epidemic

Now more than ever, many of us are overwhelmingly lonely. But this episode was made before our quarantine days, as Katy discusses how an online socially connected world can still feel lonely. She shares why and how this is through her accounts of being a social media influencer and how she combats her loneliness.

Dealing with criticism & taking things personally

In this episode, Katy discusses her personal experiences with criticism and how to not take things so personally. She recounts her stories from childhood and her earliest recollections of criticism, as she offers advice on how to deal with it.

The fear of change in your twenties

Through Katy’s own stories, she unpacks the fear of change in your twenties. She discusses the importance of facing your fears and how she has experienced discomfort and pain to get to where she is today.